2023 National Convention -  Illinois Recap

Illinois Delegation

18 delegates represented the Land of Lincoln at the Braver Angels national convention in Gettysburg, PA, on July 5-8.  They came from all across the state, from Chicago to Carbondale and in between.

A major role of delegates was to offer input and ultimately vote on the national platform: 

First Principles of the Civic Renewal Movement

Quotes from Illinois Delegates Following the Convention (Click to See)

National Campaign for Civic Renewal

At the convention the Rise for America campaign was announced.   This national campaign for civic renewal is based on actions we can take to bring Americans together in constructive dialogue.  

In Illinois, the action we would like to emphasize is training as a volunteer.  The Rise for America campaign mentions debate chairs, but we also especially need moderators, organizers, and Zoom event managers.  

We are consistently getting requests for workshops and other events, and to make them happen, we need trained and enthusiastic volunteers like you!