About Braver Angels of Illinois

Braver Angels of Illinois is working in our local communities by holding workshops, debates and public presentations designed to bridge the polarizing political divide we experience in our country. These events allow conservatives and liberals to get past the destructive stereotypes so we can have civil conversations about real issues that lead to productive problem-solving.

Our mission is to introduce citizens to the Braver Angels process of depolarization and civil discourse through:

  • Attendance at Free Workshops

  • Current Event Discussions

  • Book Talks

  • Debates

  • Civic Discourse Events

  • Speaking Engagements

  • 1:1 Conversations

  • Alliance Meetings

  • and more…

Illinois State Leadership

Chuck Stone (Blue) of Chicago and Matt Hausman (Red) of Pesotum are the state coordinators for Illinois and work in a variety of ways to promote and support civil discourse in politics all across Illinois. This is primarily through supporting our members and local alliances in whatever ways are needed as well as doing public outreach to spread the message about Braver Angels.

To contact the State Coordinators, please email: il-coordinators@braverangels.org

Chuck Stone

Illinois State Coordinator - Blue


Matt Hausman

Illinois State Coordinator - Red