Volunteer for The Heartland Convention Initiative

Braver Angels at the Republican & Democratic National Conventions!

A team of Braver Angels in Wisconsin and Illinois have been working together for close to a year to have a visible Braver Angels presence in Milwaukee, WI during the the Republican National Convention in July and in Chicago, IL during the Democratic National Convention in August.

This effort has been dubbed the Heartland Initiative as we want to provide a warm Midwest welcome to the political world as they come to the Heartland of America.

The goal is to spread the message of Braver Angels and show our political leaders and the country that we can do better.  Even when we strongly disagree with each other, Reds and Blues can come together in a civil and welcoming manner.

Activities Planned

The Heartland Initiative will consist of a variety of ongoing activities in the days before and during each party convention in Milwaukee and Chicago.  Many details are still being worked out, but here is what is being planned.

How You Can Help!

This will be a massive undertaking and we need volunteers like you to make it happen!

Exact details for roles & responsibilities are still being finalized, but we would like to encourage Braver Angels from across the country to sign up to volunteer so you can begin planning to be in Milwaukee and/or Chicago this summer.

The potential date ranges of the Braver Angels activities are listed below.  You do NOT need to be in Milwaukee or Chicago all days.  Just come when you are able!

Some important notes:

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for this historic effort by Braver Angels and join us in Milwaukee and Chicago this summer for the Heartland Initiative.