June 28, 2023: Constituent Conversation with Sen. Faraci (D) and Rep. Marron (R)

State Senator Paul Faraci (D)

State Senator Paul Faraci (D) and State Representative Mike Marron (R) want to hear from YOU in a BIPARTISAN constituent conversation about working together for workforce development .

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Rantoul High School

5:30 – 7:30 PM

Light Meal Provided

Space is Limited

Please fill out this interest form if you would like to participate:

State Representative Mike Marron (R)

Are you concerned about the extreme polarization and hyper-partisanship that currently exists, nationally, in Springfield, and even here in Champaign County? 

Do you wish that instead of fighting, our leaders would work together on the issues that matter most to their constituents?  Such as helping grow the local economy and making sure everyone has the skills and support they need to find good jobs and provide for their families?

Two of your elected officials, Sen. Faraci (a Democrat) and Rep. Marron (a Republican) want to do just that, and they want YOU to be part of the conversation.

Sen. Faraci and Rep. Marron will be participating in a Constituent Conversation sponsored by the Braver Angels of East-Central Illinois, part of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together people from different political viewpoints for civil and respectful discussions.

This conversation will start with polarization/hyper-partisanship in politics and then focus on workforce development (training/education, hiring & staffing, opportunities & barriers, etc.) in Rantoul and northern Champaign County.

The goals of the Conversation are:

1) To better understand our fellow citizens beyond our political differences

2) To give Sen. Faraci and Rep. Marron the opportunity to learn your thoughts and concerns on these issues

3) To provide you, the constituents, the experience of having direct communication with two local elected state officials from both parties


Space is limited, so please fill out this interest form if you would like to participate.

Thank you to our partners and supporters in putting on this event: